Cyclo Trainer Training Guide

Discover the many benefits of using your Total Gym Cyclo Trainer or Cyclo Trainer 2! Tom Campanaro, inventor of Total Gym, will introduce you to the Cyclo Trainer and guide you through set-up, proper positioning and techniques. Rob Glick and Rosalie Brown will then guide you through a sample warm up and three work-along routines. These circuit training workouts have been designed for men and women of all fitness levels to engage your entire body and maximize your results by incorporating exercises on both the Total Gym and the Total Gym Cyclo Trainer.

Meet the Trainer:

Rob and Rosalie

Rob Glick

Rob has presented at hundreds of major fitness conferences in more than 35 countries. He is involved in fitness development planning, as well as providing continuing education to the fitness industry. Rob is a certified Total Gym Master Trainer and teaches classes at his local gym. 

Rosalie Brown

Rosalie is a respected expert on all matters of health and fitness. She has appeared in over 50 exercise videos, countless TV and radio interviews, published articles in major magazines and lectured at several universities and fitness conferences. She has also helped train dozens of Professional Athletes and Celebrities. 

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