• I've signed up. Now, how do I get started?

    Getting started with Total Gym TV is easy. Simply select a category from the "Workouts" section of the main menu or go to "My Account", then select "My Library". Next, select the program you want to exercise with and get moving!

  • I've paid for my Total Gym, is this free for me?

    Yes and no. We offer a FREE option as a thank-you to our loyal customers. This includes access to the classic DVD workouts we've produced over the years.

    Total Gym TV Premium gives access to the new exclusive Total Gym workouts for a nominal fee.

  • How often will you add new workouts?

    Unlike DVDs, Total Gym TV is designed to keep your Total Gym workouts fresh. To help with this concept, we are offering multiple new programs each month to Total Gym TV Premium members!

  • Can I upgrade from Total Gym TV Basic to Total Gym TV Premium?

    Yes! You can upgrade your Total Gym TV subscription at any time by going to the "My Account" menu, then select "Dashboard". Next, go to "Subscriptions", and purchase Total Gym TV Premium subsciption upgrade.

    Your library will automatically be updated. If you aren't seeing your new workouts, please contact Customer Support and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a solution.

  • Can I pay for a year upfront?

    To keep things simple, we are starting with a month to month contract. As we add more content and the platform grows, we will be introducing different memebership levels.

  • Can I watch on my smart TV (Roku, Fire TV, etc)?

    YES! Total Gym TV is accessible via Internet browser or app. We are proud to offer Total Gym TV on iOS, Android, Roku, tvOS (Apple TV) and FireTV. Click a logo below to go to the Total Gym TV app for that platform.

  • Can I cancel my Total Gym TV Subscription?

    You can cancel your Total Gym TV subscription at any time to prevent future charges by opening the "My Account" menu, and selecting "Dashboard".
    Once the dashboard window opens, go to "Subscriptions", and cancel the applicable Total Gym TV subsciption.


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