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Stream classic DVD workouts AND get access to a full library of amazing new cardio, strength training, and pilates videos!

With most of the country home due to COVID-19, we have been able to increase the number of workouts on our Total Gym TV Basic package. There are currently 8 Premium videos available for free on our All-Access workouts section. We hope that with these additions you can move your body and relieve some stress. Please also be patient with the platform if any streaming issues occur, as with other internet streaming sites they are experiencing increased traffic and possible periods of downtime or increased lag time.

What is Total Gym® TV?

Total Gym® TV is an on-demand video platform to stream Total Gym workouts to your TV, tablet or other devices. Regardless of where you purchased your Total Gym® or what model you own, you can stream workouts online with Total Gym® TV.

  • Work out with any Internet-enabled device and your Total Gym®!
  • Stream classic Total Gym® DVD Workouts for FREE!
  • Access to our constantly growing library of freshly-filmed new workouts.