Booty Blast Off

This lower body program will work your glutes, hamstrings, calf and core all while delivering a cardio boost.  Personal Trainer Carrie Wightman offers great instruction, modifications and motivation to help you achieve real results at your individual comfort level.  Efficient program, perfect to work into your daily routine.  Completed, you’ll feel recharged, stronger and ready to take on your day!

Meet the Trainer:

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Carrie Wightman

Carrie is a fierce fitness instructor, creator, health and wellness guru for nearly 2 decades. Carrie is an expert in customizing workouts for nationally recognized fitness studios and gyms. She has created Carrie’s Outdoor Bootcamp, performs as an On-Air TV Fitness Expert host for QVC, International Infomercial Spokesperson, has published fitness articles, and appeared and interviewed on TV and Radio sports channels.

Carrie is an avid sports fanatic – she was an All-American Lacrosse Player at a Division I University. Best of all, she's a mother to a wonderful 12-year-old daughter.

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