John and Rosalie

John Carleo

John is a competitive amateur weight lifter, professional trainer and creator of the 6-8 Minute Workout for Total Gym. After suffering from back injury, John could no longer compete. He then began using the Total Gym and developed this highly effective workout to achieve maximum benefits just 6 to 8 minutes a day. Within a year of developing his program, John not only got back into shape, he got into BETTER shape than ever before. He went on to win a national championship in powerlifting and set a new American record.

Rosalie Brown

Rosalie is a respected expert on all matters of health and fitness. She has appeared in over 50 exercise videos, countless TV and radio interviews, published articles in major magazines and lectured at several universities and fitness conferences. She has also helped train dozens of Professional Athletes and Celebrities. 


6 to 8 Minute Workout DVD

By John and Rosalie

This step-by-step program to gives you the most effective workout when you’re crunched for time.